The home of Nishido Karate Kai
Our classes focus on traditional wadoryu karate, which will help promote:
Improved Fitness
All of which is achieved in a friendly and fun environment!

It doesn't matter whether you have trained in karate or martial arts before, or you are a complete beginner, all are welcome. Beginners are taught dojo etiquette which includes club rules and behaviour. They also learn the basic principles of wadoryu which will lead them on the way to their first grading. As students advance they will be taught more advanced techniques in kihon waza (basic techniques), renraku waza (combination techniques), kata (form), ippon and kihon gumite (pre-arranged fighting techniques) and ji-yu gumite (free sparring). A good understanding of these techniques will lead to excellent character development!

Training in other martial arts is encouraged and courses for both wadoryu and other styles are attended regularly.

The instructors at our dojo are fully qualified and have personal indemnity cover. They have undergone police checks and are trained in first aid. All our members are fully insured.

Nishido Karate Kai is registered with the A.M.A

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