Summer Camp 2009

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Summer Camp 2009

We had a dry and sunny camp this year, excellent conditions and a great attitude from everybody on camp. A huge thank you to those who took part and assisted to make it one of our best ever camps.

Sensei Kelly made an appearance on Saturday and some of you were able to train with him for the first time. You will have heard the sad news that his Harold Hill club has closed, although Kelly will continue to come along to our courses - he may also make an appearance at the Welwyn club from time to time.

Camp started on Friday evening with games, including an entertaining volleyball game….. most of you got the hang of it after a while – I think!

Saturday was a busy day, concentrating on Karate in the morning and then a special guest appearance from Keith and Ron to show us some ju-jitsu techniques. I think you all enjoyed seeing me in pain from Keith’s locks and strikes!

The camp fire was lit in the evening and – later than planned – the barbeque finally got going. I hope you all had enough to eat and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

Sunday started with aching bodies and tired muscles, and more training! Focusing on the grading syllabus, you all worked hard… whilst waiting for the dreaded shout of………...


The mud run was great fun (well, for almost all of us!) I won’t try to describe it, as all you need to do is look at the pictures in the website gallery. The camp finished with the grading on Sunday afternoon, and a lot of very tired people!

Sensei Dave

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