Summer Camp 2014

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Nishido Summer Camp June 2014

Summer Camp was another success, most students attended and I hope all had a great time! A huge thank you to those who took part and especially to the parents, some of you had never camped before so it was a whole new experience.

Friday evening was spent putting up tents and shelters, and the obligatory game of “one” keep-it-up volleyball.

Saturday began in dry conditions for the first session, but unfortunately we then lost a couple of hours to rain. I have to say that Gazebos and shelters have really changed our camp - we no longer hide in tents when it rains!

Once the rain stopped we were able to carry on with exercises and Karate basics that are so important when a grading is imminent. This took us to a shorter than usual lunch break in order to catch up some of the lost time.

In the afternoon the sun came out so strongly that hats and sun cream were necessary, and in the dry conditions we could change into Karate Gi’s and concentrate on Kata and technique.

Many thanks to our senior Dan grades (black belts) who were a huge help teaching Kata. We could have at least one black belt in each kata group which really helps when learning and practicing kata.

At the end of the afternoon it was more fun time with pad work for adults and games for the children, Sensei Kevin made a guest appearance and took the games session, I think the kids enjoyed his ground work games, although the grass stains on their Gi’s will take a bit of washing!

Once formal training was brought training to a close it was followed by another tradition, the rounders’ game!
The camp fire was built and barbeque prepared for a relaxing evening; eating, drinking and chatting around yet another huge camp fire.

Sunday stayed dry, and after a warm up session we prepared for the mud run. This has become such an event that I wonder if it has taken over the karate camp!
I’m sure all enjoyed it…students and even some parents joined in my mud feast. I’m sure you will find a picture or two of yourself in the photo gallery.

Summer camp finished with a Karate session that included a grading for the junior grades.
Congratulations to those who passed their grading, and good luck to those who will have a grading in a few weeks’ time.

Summer camp for next year is already booked, please make a note of 19th to 21st June 2015