Sensei Peter Hall (6th Dan)
(CHIEF INSTRUCTOR) Peter Hall DS MRSS Dip Ac MBAcC Shihan 6th Dan

Peter Hall began training in the martial arts in 1967. He has studied both the martial arts and Chinese medicine under the guidance of Japanese, Chinese and European masters. He has a Masters Degree (Shihan) 6th Dan in Wadoryu Karate-Do and diplomas in oriental medicine. Peter has studied traditional Chinese medicine in the United Kingdom and the people's republic of China, graduating from the Shanghai University of traditional Chinese medicine and the south west college of oriental medicine in Bristol England.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is more than just accupuncture. Chinese medicine has been around for over 3000 years, and is heavily influenced by the Taoist Philosophy and healing traditions of ancient civilisations.


Martial arts and oriental medicine cannot be separated, they both travelled and evolved along the same path, possibly originating in India and reaching a high level of development in China. Karate, or Shaolin Fist as it was called in China, then further evolved into what we now know as Karate. Martial arts originated from exercises that were developed to circulate the Qi in our bodies, and thereby promote good health. The original innovators of the martial arts were in fact monks and physicians.


Peter Hall is reistered with the English Karate Governing Body, the Shiatsu Society U.K. Shiatsu International and the British Acupuncture Council